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    2. 德國DIAS在漢諾威工博會推出新型超低價雙色紅外測溫儀DSR44N

      ●發布時間:2017-5-19  ●   ●信息來源:上;数堊詣踊こ坦  ●作者:站長




      測溫范圍600~1400°C , 700~1800°C , 800~2500°C



      PYROSPOT DSR 44N is a small and compact ratio for non-contact spot temperature measurement from 600 °C to 2500 °C even in areas which are hard to access.  

      PYROSPOT DSR44N是一種小而緊湊的雙色紅外測溫儀,用于非接觸點測溫,測溫范圍600~2500°C,用于難以接近的地點。


      Today completely monitored production processes are decisive for the product quality. Especially in metal processing, in foundries, in forges or in the production of glass, the measuring instruments used for the control of the production process are exposed to extreme harsh environments. With the new PYROSPOT DSR 44N, DIAS Infrared has developed a robust, small and affordable ratio pyrometer for measuring high temperatures from 600 °C to 2500 °C independent from emissivity. At Hanover Messe from April 24-28, 2017 in Hall 17, booth F63, DIAS Infrared will be answering questions about high temperature measurement and offering a large range of temperature measurement devices.


      目前需要完全監控的生產過程對產品品質是必須的。特別是在金屬加工、鑄造、鍛造或玻璃生產中,測溫并用于過程控制對惡劣環境是很重要的。德國DIAS紅外公司的PYROSPOT DSR44N給工業界提供了一種堅固耐用、小而緊湊的低價雙色紅外測溫儀,測溫范圍在600~2500°C,該紅外測溫儀獨立于發射率工作。在2017424~28日漢諾威工業博覽會上第17展廳F63在站臺,德國DIAS紅外公司會提供下述高溫紅外測溫和大量紅外測溫設備的相關答案。


      Infrared measuring devices for continuous industrial use




      With the help of infrared measurement technology, manufacturing processes up to 3000 °C can be monitored continuously and in real time even under difficult ambient conditions. “This only works with devices whose technical parameters like the spectral range are exactly matched to the application,” explains Katrin Schindler, Marketing Manager at DIAS Infrared GmbH. The specialist for non-contact temperature measurement technology is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and has a lot of experience in high temperature measurement.


      使用紅外測溫設備的幫助,即使在很困難的環境情況,都可以連續和實時地監控測量過程達到3000 °C。德國DIAS紅外公司的市場部經理Katrin Schindler說,“但這需要紅外測溫設備的技術參數如光譜范圍必須和實際應用要相互匹配,才能達到要求”。德國DIAS大的非接觸紅外測溫技術專家們要在今年慶祝公司二十五周年慶,其技術專家們在高溫測量技術方面都有很充足的經驗。


      The small, compact devices allow temperatures to be recorded contactlessly in areas that are difficult to access. The temperature measurement with the new PYROSPOT DSR 44N is possible in a range from 600 to 2500 °C. The advantage for the user is that the emissivity and environmental influences such as smoke or steam cannot influence the measuring accuracy, or only slightly, due to the short-wavelength spectral range of 0.7 μm to 1.1 μm.




      Like all DIAS devices, the ratio pyrometer is designed for continuous use, for example in quality and process control in the metal, glass and cement industries.




      Features of the PYROSPOT DSR 44N ratio pyrometer:

      DSR44N 雙色紅外測溫儀的主要特征:


      1、Measuring range from 600 °C to 2500 °C測溫范圍600~2500°C

      2、Spectral range from 0.7 μm to 1.1 μm  波長0.7~1.1μm

      3、Standard outputs for industry (analog and digital)標準工業用模擬和數字輸出

      4、Robust housing with easy connection possibilities堅固耐用,易于連接

      5、Comfortable evaluation and parameterization software PYROSOFT Spot 軟件易用

      6、Extensive accessories 其它附件



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